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At the Arcfyre Group, we understand that making smart decisions is not just about protecting key personnel. It is about developing and maintaining operationally sound environments that provide optimal protection for a company’s most valued assets. That is the foundation upon which the Arcfyre Group has become a market leader in providing protective, risk consulting and journey management services that are not only cost-sensitive but also holistic and based on a 360-degree understanding of all project requirements. The services offered by the Arcfyre Group are customised to meet the unique risk profiles of companies, executives and other personnel. We are your strategic partner in building and maintaining resilient solutions thus enabling penetration and growth in previously untenable regions.

"The key to ensuring your safety lies in being consistently proactive rather than reactive. By identifying any and all potential threats upfront, you minimise the subsequent risks.” Jared Higgins – Arcfyre Group CEO

Group of Brands

The Arcfyre Group are specialists in providing turnkey security solutions in emerging markets. Our industry-leading brands all provide customized solutions with expert, highly trained teams in every area from specialist training to full protective and risk consulting services.

Arcfyre International

A boutique security firm that offers a range of bespoke protective, consulting and journey…

Secure Drive

Secure Drive offers pre-booked, tailor-made secure passenger transportation services with security trained drivers for…

Altor International

Minimal Risk Consultancy Ltd

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At the Arcfyre Group, we constantly monitor, evaluate and adapt our working protocols to meet the ever-changing dynamics in different countries, ensuring a consistently high level of service, globally. Our customised security solutions, expertise and premium level of service ensure that the Arcfyre Group remains the first choice in protective, risk consulting and journey management services for a myriad of global clients.

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